Aerial photography really provides another dimension to golf courses, revealing many of the beautful features that are not seen from the ground. Even with only slight elevation there is so much more to see - a lot like the television tower perspective we see on televised golf events.

I have been using a remote controlled copter since mid 2012 for aerial photography, it is cheaper, quieter and much easier to coordinate than a traditional helicopter. It also provides a better perspective as traditional aircraft are not allowed to fly at low altitudes. Waiting for the right conditions is a lot more convenient - a proper helicopter usually needs to be booked long in advance and it is hard to be flexible for the weather.

I use a professional copter capable of carrying heavy cameras that can deliver the necessary quality - there are many cheap and lightweight craft that cannot deliver the same results.

Rates are affordable and essentially no more expensive than shooting from the ground. Please contact me for a new perspective on your course.


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